Why we started

This entire idea, the whole concept really stemmed from one simple question.

Where do women make friends?

If you’ve moved to a new place, if you’ve gone through a relationship breakdown or maybe wake up one morning and realise that you have nothing really in common with anyone around you.

Perhaps you just want to mix things up. You might be craving new personalities in your life. Maybe you just simply want some new friends to share those small life moments with.

What happens then?

Where do you go? How do you even begin to put yourself out there?

It’s all a little daunting if you ask us.

Chatter & Co. was created because of these very thoughts. The thought that friendships among other women are some of the most profound relationships one can have in life. And that missing out on those would mean missing out on something truly spectacular.

We wanted to create a welcoming space for all adult women of all ages to come together, to meet other likeminded women and to eventually be able to take these new friendships offline.

We believe that having a site where every person is on it for the same reason will create good results. Of course there are other social networking sites out there and there are other ways to attempt to connect with women, but not many have only this one goal in mind. Chatter & Co. has only one goal in mind.

To help the women of Brisbane find and meet new friends.

People may think we’re crazy, attempting to take on these huge, already established social media platforms. Who knows, maybe we are a little crazy, but on the other hand, maybe we make perfect sense. Those sites help you connect with people you already know…what about all those women you don’t know? The woman in the next suburb searching for a friend to have a weekly coffee date with, how would you ever find out about her?

You would find her on Chatter & Co.

Brisbane is home for over two million people and around half of those people are women. That’s about a million women.

One million potential friends and only one place to find them.

Right here.

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