Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by and reading the very first blog entry for Chatter & Co. If you have recently joined the website, welcome! Thanks for joining us on what we hope to be an amazing journey of new friendships and fun. And if you haven’t signed up yet, and are quietly peeking through the window, please come in! We have wine and cheese and puppies just waiting to meet you. Ok well, we don’t. But that can easily be arranged (2017 wine tasting and puppy greet, anyone?)

All bribes aside (for now), we really hope you feel welcome here. This website started as a dream of creating a place for women to find new friends, but it has quickly become so much more than that. It is about feeling connected, and having a safe place for women to inspire and support other women. We live in a world of racism, body shaming, and tearing people down for being different. And that just isn’t okay. It’s terrible, in fact.

So here is a step towards making a change in the world. Chatter & Co. encourages women of all walks of life to get involved, and find a fantastic support system within Brisbane. Use the website to get to know other people in your community, and let’s start using the internet for a place of empowerment and positive connection.

That was a heavy couple of paragraphs, wasn’t it? Ok I’ve hit the serious notes, so let’s also just mention that this website is great to use if you are like me and hate social sport. No seriously, I know that is a weird thing to say, but for some reason whenever I envision myself meeting other women, I picture myself playing some sort of football game, trying to approach other girls for a chat on the field, and get hit in the face with the ball like Marcia Brady.

See, now with Chatter & Co., you can make new friends in Brisbane using your laptop in your pajamas, and not risk facial reconstruction surgery. Unless of course, you like playing football…you’re welcome to join, too! Wow, I’m just going to end this right here, before I accidentally exclude any other sport fanatics.

Actually, I’m going to sign off with a quote to round off this first entry! Oh and please let us know if we can do anything to help your experience with Chatter & Co. (being a good host is important to us).

“When women support each other, incredible things can happen.”

Until next time!

Chatter & Co.