Things to do with friends in Brisbane

Hi everyone,

So you’ve joined Chatter and Co. and found a bunch of friends. Now what?

Below are 5 things to do with friends in Brisbane!

  • Have a coffee date. Keep it simple. Meeting for a coffee can be a really nice way to get to know someone.
  • Find an activity that you both enjoy. Maybe you’re both food lovers and there’s a new restaurant you can try. Or perhaps you both love to workout? There are heaps of bushwalks and hikes around Brisbane that could spark your interest.
  • Talk about an activity that you have both always wanted to try, but have never had the confidence to go alone. Bring your new friend along! Trust me, embarrassing yourself at a salsa class is way more fun when someone else is there to laugh at you.
  • Have a picnic. There are so many beautiful parks and waterfronts in Brisbane and a picnic is a nice, inexpensive way to experience them. Everyone can bring a plate of something and add a blanket or two and you are good to go!
  • Check out the ‘Chatterboard’ and the ‘Groups’ section on our website. There may be something happening soon that you and a friend can go to. Sometimes it can be a little less daunting if you already know someone.

Regardless of the activity, it is always really fulfilling to put yourself out there, so good on you for trying something new!