The Important Things

Most of us would agree that love, in all its forms, is a true blessing in life. The feeling of loving, and being loved, by another person, an animal, a passion – is something you can’t really describe in words. It is what makes life so beautiful and intoxicating, and really, the whole point of existence.

One of the rare gems of life, if you are lucky enough to find it, is the love of a true friend. I am not talking about the acquaintance you have coffee with at work on occasion. Although these more surface friendships play their own role in adding to life’s beauty, there is something to be said about that real, genuine friendship. The person that is by your side through it all: the highs of the highs, the lows of the lows, and every moment in between. For a lot of us, we find that connection in other people – a parent, a sibling, a partner. And how lucky we all count ourselves to have these truly amazing loves in our life.

What if we can have more?

What if we are lucky enough to find a true friendship as well as these already discovered loves?

It has always interested me the value that women place on their female friendships. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are in a relationship or single – ask most women, and they will tell you how much they value and love their friends. Or, if they haven’t found their truest friends yet, how much they want to. It is all too cliché to say that women love to talk about anything and everything, but to be honest, there may be a bit of truth to that. As humans, women tend to feel emotions very deeply, and love to communicate as a means of processing experiences. And of course that doesn’t stretch to all women, and certainly does not exclude all men. But for a great majority of us, we all crave that female connection.

Not to mention having a girlfriend to go and see the latest chick flick with is really fun (even if you have the most open minded partner ever, they probably aren’t going to enjoy Channing Tatum as much as your girlfriends will, let’s be honest).

Life can only get richer for all of us if we find those genuine friendships. Keep searching on Chatter & Co.

Never stop searching for the gems of life.

Until next time xx

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