January Update!

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for joining Chatter & Co.! What an amazing first week our website has had, thanks to all of your support.

The whole concept of this website is based around supporting and connecting with women in the community. And that means we are all in this together! This is ultimately your website. We created this space because we truly want to help the women of Brisbane to make new friends.

So please tell us, what would you like from us? We are definitely throwing around some ideas about holding some small events down the track. If that is something you’d be interested in, please let us know. We love feedback, and any way that we can make this website a wonderful place for you, we are happy to do.

We welcome emails! Please also feel free to add us on Instagram @chatter.and.co or search for us on Facebook, and contact us on there. We are not some huge company that is going to throw you all together and run. We want this website to be an authentic place where we can all connect, so please do!

Also, if you know of anyone in your life or area who may be interested in the website, we’d really appreciate if you could spread the word 🙂 we are marketing in Brisbane so we can gain a lot more members for you ladies to chat with, and we’d love a hand! So please feel free to share our link with anyone you may know.

We will keep you updated with the happenings via our blog, and our social media pages, so chat soon!

Chatter & Co. xx