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Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and not struggling too much with this heat. We have received a couple of enquiries around the features on the website, so I thought I would write a quick blog entry about them.

Firstly, privately messaging other members.

You will see when you look at another member’s profile, over their cover image, they will have a tab called ‘private message.’ Click on this, and you will be able to send this person a private message. When they reply, this response will end up in your ‘messages’ section in your profile. You can then continue to message each other through here.

What is the Chatter Board?

The Chatter Board is a forum, and whatever our members make of it! You may use this space to post about your day, current events, or use it to ask other members for cooking tips. You may also use this as a place to ask other members if they would like to join you for a movie, or what not. It is a fantastic place to get to know other members, particularly if you feel a little shy about contacting people directly via private messaging.

What are Groups?

You will have seen Groups as another feature on the website. This is a place where we thought people with similar interests may like to connect and perhaps arrange to partake in their interest together. For example, you will see one of our lovely members has started an Italian Cooking group. If there are other members who share a love of Italian cooking (yum), feel free to join this group, and perhaps swap recipes, or try some cooking together.

And why not make your own group? If you love reading, start a reading group! Book clubs can be a fantastic place to connect with friends.

We are also wanting to hear from our members if they would like us to arrange some public events down the track. Perhaps you would like to attend a dinner arranged by us. Or perhaps you are more comfortable privately messaging other members, and organizing your own catch ups.

It is all up to you! We are here to help at anytime.

We are still continuing to grow our member numbers, so please continue to check on our website as it grows.

Chatter & Co.

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